Sans USA - Custom Clothing Manufacturing

Answers to your Questions
This document should answer many initial questions and provide information on what to expect during the production process. This document is meant to be a general guideline and will be valid in most cases. However, since everything we produce is unique, there may be certain exceptions.
Clothing Production
What is Minimum Order Quantity Available?

Our minimums generally start at 150 to 250 garments per style, and color-way. This applies to most items with basic fabrics, colors, and prints. Items with unique or specialty fabrics may have higher minimums based on availability and/or difficulty to manufacturer or source.

How Do I Pick The Right Fabric?

Our experienced staff of designers will help you decide what method of production best fits your projects needs. For orders with high enough yardage we are able to custom mill almost any fabric or pattern. Orders that do not meet the yardage requirements for milling are sourced through a variety of channels, allowing us to keep our minimums some of the lowest in the industry.

Can I get samples or prototypes made?

We highly recommend making at least one prototype, or pre-production sample before going into production. In some cases (such as technical outerwear) it may be necessary to do multiple prototypes. Prototypes are for fit and build purposes only unless specified by the client. This means they will not have branding and may not be the exact fabrics or colors of provided samples or production pieces. In most cases, prototypes are either partially or fully refundable on completion of a production order. Estimated timeframe for initial prototype production is 8 weeks. Salesman Samples are also available, these will be built to the exact specifications of your production run including all fabrics and embellishments. Salesman sample production takes an estimated 8-12 weeks. Please contact us for inquiries and pricing.

Can I get any Fabric?

Typically our team is able to source and match most requested fabrics and materials for our clients. However, we cannot guarantee that we will find what you are looking for in the open markets. If we are not milling the fabrics or manufacturing your materials to specific requirements we are limited to what is available on the open market. During fabric sourcing, type and weight will be prioritized, followed by pattern and colors. Based on circumstances and availability, production fabric may slightly differ from prototypes and salesman samples.

How Do I Know What Buttons and Zippers To Use?

We help our clients bring just about any design aspect and embellishment desired to life. Most common embellishment applications are silkscreen prints, sublimation, embroidery, and applique, custom rivets, and buttons. If you have questions about other possible embellishment applications please contact us, our team of experts will help you every step of the way. Metal work (such as custom zipper pulls and buttons) requires a 1 time setup charge of $300 per dye that can be reused for any pieces. Certain embellishments (such as full fabric print patterns) may increase the minimum quantities needed to produce your garment.

How Long Does Production Take?

We always encourage placing orders one season in advance. Estimated timeframe for delivery on production is 16-18 weeks unless otherwise arranged. Any garment may be under or over produced by approximately 5%. In this case we request that the client accept the surplus within these margins. If the client does not wish to take additional product, please contact us to make prior agreements before beginning the process to place an order.

Payment Information
What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Our minimums generally start at 150 to 250 garments per style, and color-way. This applies to most items with basic fabrics, colors, and prints. Items with unique or specialty fabrics may have higher minimums based on availability and/or difficulty to manufacturer or source.

How Do I Get Pricing?

Everything we do is on a quote by quote basis. Without seeing designs, it’s impossible for us to get a client any real numbers. Prices vary based on quantity, fabrics, embellishments, and many other factors. Clients are asked to send us mockups of what you’d like to make, as well as estimated quantities and target price. After receiving this info we can start to work out the
numbers. The more details provided the better. Obviously, at the lowest minimums (150) the prices are going to be much higher. There are price breaks for higher quantity orders. Please let us know if you would like quotes for different quantities. Our pricing is 100% inclusive and includes all setup fees, international shipping, import and duty taxes, as well as customs and broker fees. If you have experience importing internationally and would like to arrange your own shipping method please let us know AHEAD OF TIME so we can provide FOB pricing.

Other Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Track My Order?

Before you even place an order you will be teamed up with one of our apparel experts to help you through the entire process from design to delivery. You can either shoot your representative an email, or give us a call. We will be able to give you an update on your order status, and estimated completion date.

How Do The Garments Get To Me?

Shipping to our warehouse in Denver is included in price. The client is not responsible for customs fees, brokers, or any related charges. The client is responsible for shipping from Denver to their company’s location unless other arrangements are made. Sans USA freight delivery usually takes around 4-5 weeks. There may be instances when a delay arises due to customs or holding. Delays from customs are very infrequent; however, we ask that the client be aware of the possibility in case that it arises. Expedited shipping methods are available upon request contact us today for more pricing and information.

Do I need to know exactly how I want everything to Fit?

We have several house fits that many of our clients use. Otherwise, clients may send samples, which we can recreate and add some minor adjustments (such as added length). A client may also send full tech specs.However, we generally discourage our clients from doing this unless they are highly experienced pattern makers.

What Are Tech Packs?

Sans USA will send tech packs to the client for final review and approval before they are finalized for production. At this time it is the client’s responsibility to review and ask for any changes to be made, or details to be added. Finalized and approved tech packs will be used for production orders and Sans USA is not responsible for any details overlooked during the review process.