We’re super excited to be able to show off the jacket we helped produce for Ski outerwear company Lethal Descent. This jacket utilizes some state of the art building techniques and fabrics to make a shell jacket that can handle the toughest conditions. Here are some of the features that make this jacket unique:


3 layer fabrics: These fabrics combine waterproofing with breath-ability with a simple construction: a water proof shell, a waterproof barrier, and an interior scrim fabric. This fabric made of 3 layers (thus 3 layer) can hack the toughest wind and water while keeping breathable and durable.


Welded seams: Utilizing special machines the seams of the garment are literally bonded together. This creates a piece that is lighter and more water proof due to tightly sealed seams. The seams also sit very flat and look very clean.


Laser cut: When welding seams, precise laser cuts deliver exact dimensions and clean aesthetics. This ensures that the zippers and seams are precisely placed to be bonded with each other. Tightly fitting seams means more durability and waterproofing.



This 3-layer piece utilizes all high quality YKK waterproof zippers.


The inside neck features sections of fleece bonded directly to the fabric.


The laser cut and welded pit zips open up completely to offer maximum venting at minimum weight and bulk.


The inside of the jacket shows the clean welded seams with a variety of storage pockets.



Overall, this is an amazing piece with a ton of attention to detail. I don’t think pictures do this piece justice, so make sure you check out http://www.lethaldescent.com/ to pick one up for yourself. I’ve been unhappy with previous purchases of 3layers, due to most high end jackets fitting extremely poorly. The LD Eagle 3layer has an awesome athletic fit that doesn’t look like a box, and the construction is bombproof! This is for sure my favorite jacket to wear when boarding, skiing, or mountaineering.


-Joel Putrah, SansUsa.